Mmmm, shootery goodness


So, I’m waiting with bated breath for Black, Criterion’s new FPS. (Apologies for the link, I haven’t actually come across an official site yet). I loved the last two Burnout games, and if they really can do for the FPS what they did for the racer then all will be good. Besides, I’m a sucker for decent sound in games and the gunfire and related effects sound amazing. I could do with more actual footage in the trailers mind you. Around 30 seconds out of 90 are actual gameplay footage. The rest is logos, ratings, and other marketing bumph. Note to EA, must do better!

Update The official site is here.

Another update Ok so it was slightly disappointing. Still fun, but not all it could have been. And what’s with the annoying unskippable cut-scenes every single time you have to restart a level? It got so that I didn’t want to play because I have to sit through a long cut-scene again (saving mid-level is for wimps it seems). Haven’t developers learned that players *hate* this? Argh.


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